Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Dear 2009
Thank you for all the good, the bad, the ugly memories that you've given me.
I truly appreciate them and will treasure them well
I've had a good year!

Dear 2010
I pray that you bring me another wonderful year, and not let me down.
Even if I'm let down, help me stand up again...
Let me do well in all that I pursue
Help me grow and be a better person
and work towards the fulfillment of 5.1*<-- oh augehtay, you might be the only one who knows this <3<3

Friday, December 25, 2009

Jesus is the reason for the Season <3

It's Christmas again.
Second Christmas away from home.
Last year, I was celebrating Christmas at Northern Ireland.
This year, I get an American Christmas in Southern California.
We went for Christmas Eve service... no service on Christmas day. :(
but I got to open presents in the morning. <3<3<3 got a stocking full of goodies. :D
then we frosted the cookies Dana baked two nights ago. 100+ of them.

Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas <3

Real Christmas Tree at the Reeces. =)

Christmas Eve service at Saddleback church.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time Flies

Time flies....

I have just completed my first semester of Sophomore year, sent out graduating seniors, who will be greatly missed. And now, am chillin at roommate's house.
Just watched the DEYC video posted by SamV. on his facebook page and started to realize how fast time flies. The first time i joined my first DEYC was the year I moved back to KK, Dec 2006. Then, I also realized that my family have moved back for almost 4 years now.
Sometimes, I just think that it's so scary having time going by so quickly. *breathheee*
Then, at the same time, it is so exciting as I am able to look back and see how much I've grown, and how far I've come about till this day.

Just over this semester, I've grown so much, learning how to deal with people from various background, resolve conflicts, treasure friendships, relearning humility, love, patience, endurance, and many many life lessons....
All that I've experienced has definitely reflected how faithful God has been in my life.
There are days when I could just sit down and start to count my blessings, and I always came to a conclusion that there are never ending blessings! :D

I haven't been blogging for a long time... Yes.. partly because I've been very busy/lazy ><
and partly also because I don't really know if whatever I'm writing on here is relevant or if it is uplifting or bringing others down. Of course, I don't have the intentions of shutting down this blog just yet... But probably would reconsider topics to blog on.

Life is interesting here. It really is.... But there is so much more to the events that happened, not only "what fun events I've been doing" but "how have these events affected my life?"

updates again soon <3

Saturday, October 17, 2009

chef of the day

Sleeping over at one of my friend's apartment. So have been here since 10a.m.
Andd.. we cooked all our meals today. *smiles*
It's pretty rare for us to cook all our meals in a day. Cause it takes too much time cleaning up usually. But today was a pretty chill day, and we didn't have anymore meal plans left to eat at the cafe, so we cooked.
Omelets and Pancakes for brunch (I rediscovered my egg/pancake flippin' talent o.O)
Dumplings for lunch (ok. we just tossed the dumplings in. not much work needed here)... ooh. but I made the dipping sauce for the dumpling.
then beef curry for dinner. + rice = yumm yumm.
and then. right now, we're eating late night supper. I made garlic bread. from scratch. woooot~ proud of self. from mincing the garlic to melting the butter to mixing the basil and i forgot what and slicing the bread and spreading the mix. and baking them.
(right... I know many of you could cook better stuff than that)
but.... considering I haven't cooked in ages. haaaa!
ALL i have to say: Homecooked meals = delicious. and satisfying. and makes you feel accomplish.
of course the rest of the day was filled with homeworking. but oh well.
laura gets food. laura happy.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When My Blog lays Dead...

I've been back to the States for almost 3 weeks now.
Getting over jetlag, preparing to facilitate in the Int'l student orientation, getting ready for classes...
and now.. classes have started, I'm working.. and I figured out that I probably should attempt to update this blog.
Would be really busy this semester... 20 units of classes, 6-8 hours of work, and leadership responsibilities for the International Students Assoc. really uses up a lot of my time. But.. I believe I'll survive.

orientation week. Indian dinner. the rest lining up for Pink's hotdogs. We finished dinner and they were still in-line. Everyone got their hotdogs after 1.5 hours. So you can imagine how long the line was.

surprise party for Tomoko, a freshmen from Japan but lived in Indonesia and Philippines.

Disneyland and Korean bbq was a must. But this time, we did not do that well eating. Haley, Tiff and I only managed to eat 3 of those big plates of meat that you see in the middle, and 3 plates of those marinated ones by the corner. The one covered in brown red. But that's still alot though.

anddd... best of all.. Last Sunday, we had homecooked chinese meal at Tiff's apartment. and Sheeba's indian dessert. It was Good. :D happy laura.

off to more homework. then ISA meeting at 9pm

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Kinda Weird

Since I have time to spare... why not blog?
Blogging from Incheon Airport. The last time I was here for 13 hours. today... 10. but. Dahye's bringing me out. :D
Wahhhh.. going out into the arrival hall/going up to the departure hall and being surrounded by so so so so many Koreans feels kinda cool. Cause I'm not Korean.
but... it also feels kinda weird. cause people thinks I'm Korean.. until I speak English.
like in the plane, I was sitting next to this married couple around their 30s, the air stewardess gave the uncle next to me only one declaration card. he told the air stewardess to give me one. She told him that "one family only requires one" and from my POV saw the wife who kept on shaking her head and hand. The uncle told me that they had to say that I wasn't their child or something. I thought it was funny. then she gave me the card in Korean language. and of course the kind uncle had to call her back and tell her that I wasn't Korean. NEED ENGLISH. not nice. no special non-korean treatment. eeek.

the airport already so busy even early in the morning. I arrived at 6am. now only 7.30am.

aiksss. better stop now. do other things first.

Laura in Korea.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Back in KK
Back blogging..

Haven't been updating lately.
and.. might not be updating as often..

just to inform you guys who read this blog. for whatsoever reason..
I'm back in Malaysia for the summer.
Well... i've been back for a month. heheee

ooh. and i'll try to post photos on facebook.

so.. yeah.. xD

Monday, May 25, 2009

when you have a 13 hour lay-over in Incheon airport, you will survive..

As many of you might have known,
I had a 13 hour layover in Korea.

So... basically, I survived... and this is what I did. starting from 5.30a.m.
1. skyped with Dahye and Dana.
2. Went to the rest and relax place and slept from 7+ to 9+
3. walked around the airport. *many shops - chanel, burberry, coach, etc*
4. skype again or msn or facebook
5. found the traditional cultural experiencing zone - for tourists only
- did their crafts
- tried on hanbok
- made a friend with one of the staff there
6. lunch
7. walk around again
8. hung out at the traditional cultural experiencing zone again
9. uploaded photos
10. facebook, skype and msn again.

then I boarded the plane at 6.30p.m.

I survived.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ahhhh... earthquakee!!!

remember the last time I experienced a small 3.0 scale earthquake?
I don't remember if I blogged about it. but i'm pretty sure it was on my facebook status.
that was like nothing.

today.. I experienced a 5.0 scale earthquake. the building was shaking for 15 seconds.
okay. it was scary.
well.. not like my life was in danger or anything.. but you can feel yourself shaking back and forth.... back and forth.
it wasn't fun.
but.. still fun at the same time now that it's over

Conclusion: I would never wanna experience an earthquake more than a 5.0scale.

but... this earthquake proves to be good. cz this would mean that the earth already released some pressure, and there won't be a very severe one coming up. :D

Laura who is still very much alive. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Woo... another week!
But this time... no more Disneyland..
Still.. I had a pretty fruitful Friday and Saturday with small groups.

At 1.30p.m.
Kidnapped Dahye.
around 2-ish.
arrived at Cue! to take photo stickers.
then Boba a.k.a. Yoyo or Easy way status drinks.
then... around 4 something
headed out to Huntington beach..
Back to Biola to pick up 4 more girls
Guppy for dinner
came back and hung out with the ISA guys who wanted to hang out with us....

they pranked all the girls...
staged a fight.
played with our emotions. =(

but after that, we played many games.. till
2.30 a.m.

as usual. we all had a great time.

we got back at 2 of them today. :D

read on if you want to know what happened.

technically, we got 3 girls to call the guys out for dinner at the cafe at around 6p.m. and stall them for an hour and a half.

In the mean time.....
6 other girls, me included headed off to the dorms of the boys. with plastic cups, wool, and toilet paper.

the PLAN: fill every inch of the room that has floor space with plastic cups filled with water... and block their door with wool.

we set to work.. filling the cups..
bringing it to the room..
arranging the cups...
oh.. and we did not forget to include a note and apples at the very last cup.

cz in apples in korean, when said, is exactly like apologize in korean.
sagua (apples) = sagua (apologize)

we finish our "job" and ran out.... waiting for them to come back to the dorms with our counterparts.


All I heard was a LOUDDDDD scream! and we all ran...
hahahahahha.. and here am I blogging.
apparently one of the guys thought that it was a floor prank, wanted to go call the RAs...
SO not sporting =='''
but. we'll wait and see. hahahhaa.... de-stress during finals week.

for some pictures.

the notes

the setup




the door


If you read this post thus far... I hope this "entertained" you in one way or another!

Love, Laura

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm back... It's been a week <3

Hey all!!
It's been a busy week for me! completed an 8-10 Hermeneutics paper, submitted 2 history reactive essays about the Nixon Library and the Midway, Pre-calculus test....
and.... now for some pictures from Friday afternoon outing.
yeah.. that happiest place on earth..

Twilight zone Tower of Terror

In line for Toy Story

California Screamin'

Visiting Kelly at work.. Can you spot tigger?

Space mountain! We had to pose.

This might be my last Disneyland visit for the Spring semester and the Summer.
I bet it's a relief for you readers huh?! heeee...


Friday, May 1, 2009

This might be another boring post~


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LA Adventure with Dahye

Just some quick updates..
On Saturday, went to LA with Dahye.... well.. just some fun time of hanging out and spending time together.. =D
We hung out at the Grove mall.. High-end shopping place.. Of cors for us only eye shopping la..
and.. my first time seeing an Abercrombie and Fitch shop.. hahahaha... ask me 'what about it' if you're ever curious.. lol..
anyway... picture to be up soon if im not lazy...
oohooh.. we got back safely.. wheee.

that's all for now.. time to sleep.
*tomorrow is housing day. need to reserve my dorm room for next sem..


Thursday, April 16, 2009

USS Midway. Train Rides. Hike


all in a day!
back from San Diego!
tired... but all satisfied.

Dana and I got up around 6.30am. then rode the train to San Diego.. arrived at 10+a.m. took us about 1.5-2 hours. Then walked to the Midway.. it is a retired US marine navy ship.. pretty exciting =) and interesting ^^

train tickets.

first Midway pic. on upper deck.



smiley face.

Then met up with Cassie. went to In-n-out burgers. <-- Best burger place EVER. only in CA xD then went to Cassie's house. went for a short hike.

walk walk walk.

arrived at waterfall.

Then went and catch our train back... BUT..... traffic jam.. So we arrived at the station at 4.48pm. Train left 4.45pm.. Then there was another train line. But by the time we got to the counter, the train left at 4.53pm. ㅠㅠ Missed TWO trains in one go. So no choice. Next train at 6.45pm. So go lepak in another fast food restaurant... and yeah. dinner. there's no meat patty. Instead, they serve slices of roast beef in your burger. yummm..

Dana at Arby's

heee... that's me!

Then... at last... boarded the train. *all smiles* and there were several military guys on board.. wuaahhahaha.. some of them were cute with bald head. yeahyeahhhh.. xD and now I'm back at Trabuco. blogging about my day. =)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break Adventure

Updated Photos...

I know right? Never ending adventures...
muahahha.. jkjk..
But It's Spring Break!!
Just some quick updates...
I'm down at Dana's house for Spring Break.
And.. on Monday, we went to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library for a history assignment.
It was pretty interesting. Seeing all the presidential souvenirs, helicopter, birthplace, etcetc... *refer to facebook for pics. Will try uploading photos when I get back to the dorm. Forgot to bring cable*

that's Mr. Richard Nixon.

sent people into the moon.

Portion of the Berlin Wall.

Mao Tze-Tung and Mr. Nixon.

His birthplace. Ori. The white color house.

Mr. and Mrs. Nixon's grave.

The Helicopter Mr. Nixon left in.
(we got to go in btw)

Home sweet home.


THen... then... Then...
today Dana and I don't know where to go or what to do..
So we decided to just hop into the car and drive around. Then yours truly came up with the idea to drive according to 'directions' to 'destinations' to take pictures... heeeee..
eg. 15 traffic lights, turn right, pull over. or 3 lights, turn right, 5 lights left, pull over. *geddit?*
And that's what we did. So we took pictures at parks, on the 'island' in the middle of the roads in a housing area, in front of a brick office building, etc..

stop 3.

stop 4.

And guess what? We found our way to the beach!!! Dana point <-- Name of the whole area/ harbor... *cheers* wuahahhaha... Got down for lunch. =) fish and chips and clam chowder. So big portion oh. We shared also can't finish oh. *Bet some of you are thinking that Laura is always associated with FOOD. I don't deny it* whahahhahaha.. LUNCH.

Anyways... after food, we SS la of cors. But hor.. So COLD oh.. the wind was so strong!!! So quickly run into the car then drive off to another spot and get down and SS again. This is all along the beach.. =D


It was Coldd~ The wind was Strong.

Long time didn't SS liao. SO... instead of snapping other people's photos, snap self first la..

At last, we decided to find our way back home. Just so you know.. we were kinda lost. Not very lost. But kinda.. Imagine how many streets we've turned, how many cities we've passed to get from home to the beach. So we decided to get on the freeway north... and as Brilliant as we are.... WE GOT HOME!!! SAFELY!!!!

Moral of the story is....
Laura had fun yet again in the United States. :p

*San Diego tomorrow*


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter for me.

yay!! Easter!!
I am at Dana's house, easter and spring breaking. =)
In the morning, I received my Easter basket. Lots of GOODIES delo.... HAHAHAHA..

and then in the afternOon We had Easter EGG hunt. MORE CANDIESSS =D
Oh.. BTW, went to one of Saddleback's Saturday Easter service. They have 46 services over 2 days. =='' So geng.
Upload photos when I get back to the dorm..


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yet another Adventure....

It's 12.21a.m now.
I just came back into the dorm from a fire evacuation.
apparently someone burnt their toast. and the alarm went off.
I bet that person must be feeling so bad now. poor kid. whoever he or she is...
At least I wasn't asleep yet. Or else.... *you don't wanna know*
But, come to think of it... what if a real fire took place? or earthquake? I realized that no one took this seriously *although it's just burnt toast* grumbling and groaning, disturbed from their sleep.
but yeah.. I learnt something from tonight's fire alarm... =)
And yes.. time to go to bed.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Yours Truly

nuff said. time to go oioi... Spring break is next week!!!! =)
anyways... last push of hw!hw!hw!

아자 아자! 화이팅!!!!!!!!!

yours truly.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Biola VS APU!

I went to APU today! APU - Asuza Pacific Uni. They are tight Biola rivals. It has been really common to compete against APU. They are about 30minutes away.
So, the reason I went today was to watch a soccer game between Biola's international students and APU's. So to cut the long story short, we lost ==''' 4-3 I think. but.. here are some pictures...

The team.

Ika and I =)

Dahye, Ika, Tiff!

okiess.. homework time.