Saturday, October 17, 2009

chef of the day

Sleeping over at one of my friend's apartment. So have been here since 10a.m.
Andd.. we cooked all our meals today. *smiles*
It's pretty rare for us to cook all our meals in a day. Cause it takes too much time cleaning up usually. But today was a pretty chill day, and we didn't have anymore meal plans left to eat at the cafe, so we cooked.
Omelets and Pancakes for brunch (I rediscovered my egg/pancake flippin' talent o.O)
Dumplings for lunch (ok. we just tossed the dumplings in. not much work needed here)... ooh. but I made the dipping sauce for the dumpling.
then beef curry for dinner. + rice = yumm yumm.
and then. right now, we're eating late night supper. I made garlic bread. from scratch. woooot~ proud of self. from mincing the garlic to melting the butter to mixing the basil and i forgot what and slicing the bread and spreading the mix. and baking them.
(right... I know many of you could cook better stuff than that)
but.... considering I haven't cooked in ages. haaaa!
ALL i have to say: Homecooked meals = delicious. and satisfying. and makes you feel accomplish.
of course the rest of the day was filled with homeworking. but oh well.
laura gets food. laura happy.


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