Monday, October 27, 2008

Getty Center Visit~

Went to the Getty Center on Saturday. Its in LA.
I went to do an art project, so Kyo drove us (Dahye, Dana, Sarah and I)! Since we went into the special exhibition hall about Bernini and the Baroque Portrait Sculptures, no photos could be taken inside.
We did not go into the normal galleries this time round
*you could take pictures of the exhibits there.*
But we spent alot of time at the Gardens.
Its beautiful!!! Of cors we took lotsa photos. So here are some of the view from the Getty.

The Flowering Maze on a Reflecting Pool



The Getty from the Gardens

Its LA from the Getty!

Flowers growing on wall on 'That Forbidden Path'

Us lying on the lawn!

So... that's all for another blogpost.


Friday, October 24, 2008


Ok.. And so after LOTS of pestering of starting a BLOG. I've finally decided to start one. =) Don't know if I'm going to succeed. But... OH MY GOSHHH. my first blogpost!!

Okay. So.. that was dorky.

Now for an intro, my blog title is copyrighted. You ask why? Inspiration came from Sarah.
Sarah who? Mcmillen.

For those of you who don't know where am I, Im now in collegeland. In the most wonderful college in the world!!!
30 minutes to Downtown LA
20 minutes to Disneyland

15 minutes to the Beach
many other cool places on earth.

But.. but.. but.. I've only been to LA and the beach but not Disneyland!!!
*crossing my fingers that I would be able to go some weekend*

so.. I've been here like for 2 months. What have that girl been up to? Here's some of the things that I've been up to!
Intl Student Orientation

- Third Street Promenade
- Getty Museum
- Griffith Observatory Center
- Watts

- Sept 1 Labor Day Picnic (All-American Bbq)

Other Memorable Stuff
- Intl Student Fall Retreat
*this was where I was involved with a car accident on the way there and was in the hospital for 6 hours till 4a.m. But Im good now =)*
- Dodgeball a.k.a Nationball

*its a competition between residence halls (hostels) and this fall semester... [drumrolls] HORTON dominated! That's where I stay =)))*

- Visiting an American-African Church with First Year Seminar class and Korean Bbq after that.

*Food was Good. But the church experience was even better*

- Going for GYRAD. Get-Your-Roomate-A-Date. at Venice beach.
- Visiting Trabuco Canyon

*That's where Dana lives. The OC (Orange County). 45 mins south Biola. Visited Laguna Beach too*

- The Newest: Torrey Bible Conference Oct 22-24, 2008

*No classes in sessions these 3 days. The conference was AWESOMe!*

Other Random but Fun Stuff
- Ran in the sprinklers *no rain in CA. Sprinklers needed*
- Laid down on the lawn
- Ate saltwater taffy and the filling of my teeth came out *the taffy was too sticky. This particular one was coffee flavor*
- Learning to crochet
- scrapbookings
- received friendship bracelets *wearing 2 now*

*of cox i've done many other nice stuffs but tooo many to list down*

So... who do I do those fun stuffs with?
3 closest friends here as seen as the header picture.
on top of me is Dahye *read as Dah-heh*
to my left is Dana
to my right is Sarah!!!
Dana and Sarah are my official roommates. Dahye is the 4th.

Dana! Its Pink Day.

That's Sarah!

Me!! Fluor Fountain of Faith Behind =)))

Can't find pics of Dahye. But coming sooon I guess. ^^

Oh welll... I think that's all for now!
I hope that I would find my way back here next time..