Monday, October 27, 2008

Getty Center Visit~

Went to the Getty Center on Saturday. Its in LA.
I went to do an art project, so Kyo drove us (Dahye, Dana, Sarah and I)! Since we went into the special exhibition hall about Bernini and the Baroque Portrait Sculptures, no photos could be taken inside.
We did not go into the normal galleries this time round
*you could take pictures of the exhibits there.*
But we spent alot of time at the Gardens.
Its beautiful!!! Of cors we took lotsa photos. So here are some of the view from the Getty.

The Flowering Maze on a Reflecting Pool



The Getty from the Gardens

Its LA from the Getty!

Flowers growing on wall on 'That Forbidden Path'

Us lying on the lawn!

So... that's all for another blogpost.



Sam Vun said...

nice pics... keep posting :)

God Bless,

enfee said...

nice nice o...i wish i was there

Abby said... fun ohh....

Laura said...

heeee.. when you guys ever come to LA, mark that as a must visit place! its really beautiful. u get to roll down the lawn too.. wheeee.. XDD

j-kiml said...

so u've blog...

i accidentally ur blog at Sam's blog... (one verb's missing)

Laura said...

u wat? i dun gedit. lol.

j-kiml said...

nvm... get a cbox..