Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is What we Do on Halloween. =)

And so this is like my first official Halloween.
there were really alot of people who dressed up. and of cors... I dressed up too!
So Dana aren't in any of the pics as she went off campus to her sis place.
Sadly, I did not go trick or treating. although I would love to. =)) but we did have fun. went to yamcha at night at a Boba place. Its like the pearls from yoyo or easy way. bt mushier. they are tapioca balls. maybe its just this particular shop that doesn't serve good Boba. because the one Dana brought us when we were at her place one weekend was better than the pearls we get at home. hehehe.. =D

anyways.. here are some pics.
This is at the all girls dorm next door. Alpha Chi. They have Candyland on Halloween for children to go trick or treat-ing. That's Lydia! .
Pirate, Princess, Gypsy

Sarah with her Boba

Kyo wearing the pirate's eye-patch. He has a sword in his hand.

So that's Halloween for me. =)




Sam Vun said...


couldn't imagine you as a princess tho... hahahahahaha... btw happy bday =)

sarah72 said... much fun oh!

Laura said...

haha.. but too bad we were lazy to go trick or treating.. i especially love this thing called reeses. they are so goooood.. =)) but overall, nice halloween.

Montastrea@hui san said...

wow...i don noe halloween can dress so pretty...i thought everything must be scary....

Laura said...

haha.. can dress up as anything. pixies, faries, princess, peter pans, wendy, pirates, vampires, caveman, bumblebee, butterfly, etcetc... hahah.. =D