Monday, May 25, 2009

when you have a 13 hour lay-over in Incheon airport, you will survive..

As many of you might have known,
I had a 13 hour layover in Korea.

So... basically, I survived... and this is what I did. starting from 5.30a.m.
1. skyped with Dahye and Dana.
2. Went to the rest and relax place and slept from 7+ to 9+
3. walked around the airport. *many shops - chanel, burberry, coach, etc*
4. skype again or msn or facebook
5. found the traditional cultural experiencing zone - for tourists only
- did their crafts
- tried on hanbok
- made a friend with one of the staff there
6. lunch
7. walk around again
8. hung out at the traditional cultural experiencing zone again
9. uploaded photos
10. facebook, skype and msn again.

then I boarded the plane at 6.30p.m.

I survived.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ahhhh... earthquakee!!!

remember the last time I experienced a small 3.0 scale earthquake?
I don't remember if I blogged about it. but i'm pretty sure it was on my facebook status.
that was like nothing.

today.. I experienced a 5.0 scale earthquake. the building was shaking for 15 seconds.
okay. it was scary.
well.. not like my life was in danger or anything.. but you can feel yourself shaking back and forth.... back and forth.
it wasn't fun.
but.. still fun at the same time now that it's over

Conclusion: I would never wanna experience an earthquake more than a 5.0scale.

but... this earthquake proves to be good. cz this would mean that the earth already released some pressure, and there won't be a very severe one coming up. :D

Laura who is still very much alive. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Woo... another week!
But this time... no more Disneyland..
Still.. I had a pretty fruitful Friday and Saturday with small groups.

At 1.30p.m.
Kidnapped Dahye.
around 2-ish.
arrived at Cue! to take photo stickers.
then Boba a.k.a. Yoyo or Easy way status drinks.
then... around 4 something
headed out to Huntington beach..
Back to Biola to pick up 4 more girls
Guppy for dinner
came back and hung out with the ISA guys who wanted to hang out with us....

they pranked all the girls...
staged a fight.
played with our emotions. =(

but after that, we played many games.. till
2.30 a.m.

as usual. we all had a great time.

we got back at 2 of them today. :D

read on if you want to know what happened.

technically, we got 3 girls to call the guys out for dinner at the cafe at around 6p.m. and stall them for an hour and a half.

In the mean time.....
6 other girls, me included headed off to the dorms of the boys. with plastic cups, wool, and toilet paper.

the PLAN: fill every inch of the room that has floor space with plastic cups filled with water... and block their door with wool.

we set to work.. filling the cups..
bringing it to the room..
arranging the cups...
oh.. and we did not forget to include a note and apples at the very last cup.

cz in apples in korean, when said, is exactly like apologize in korean.
sagua (apples) = sagua (apologize)

we finish our "job" and ran out.... waiting for them to come back to the dorms with our counterparts.


All I heard was a LOUDDDDD scream! and we all ran...
hahahahahha.. and here am I blogging.
apparently one of the guys thought that it was a floor prank, wanted to go call the RAs...
SO not sporting =='''
but. we'll wait and see. hahahhaa.... de-stress during finals week.

for some pictures.

the notes

the setup




the door


If you read this post thus far... I hope this "entertained" you in one way or another!

Love, Laura

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm back... It's been a week <3

Hey all!!
It's been a busy week for me! completed an 8-10 Hermeneutics paper, submitted 2 history reactive essays about the Nixon Library and the Midway, Pre-calculus test....
and.... now for some pictures from Friday afternoon outing.
yeah.. that happiest place on earth..

Twilight zone Tower of Terror

In line for Toy Story

California Screamin'

Visiting Kelly at work.. Can you spot tigger?

Space mountain! We had to pose.

This might be my last Disneyland visit for the Spring semester and the Summer.
I bet it's a relief for you readers huh?! heeee...


Friday, May 1, 2009

This might be another boring post~