Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine + Saddleback Church!!!

Yay for V-day!
Well... I spent V-day at Dana's place with Dahye and Cassie =) and joined by Chloe!
So... on V-day we went out to a Chinese place for Boba aka Pearl tea in Malaysia. =)))
and thereafter to this place called Kitty House to take photo sticker!!! heheh.. how fun is that? first time taking photo sticker in the States... xD
Then, we went to the Spectrum, that's the outdoor Mall. and then home for movies, games, and snacksssssss...

The next day.... Sunday!!!!! and I got the privilege to go to Saddleback church! Saddleback? Does this name ring a bell??? Rick Warren?? no? hmmm.. Purpose Driven Life???
yeah.. got it?? yeapyeapyeappp.... and just nice Rick Warren was speaking that day.. and he preached a simple but powerful message that so many people in the economy downturn now could relate to. >< It was about the prayer of Dependence, that is the line "Give us today our daily bread." in the Lord's prayer. 3 points. 1. Seeing God as my source. 2. Trusting Him for today. -Worry about nothing. -Pray about everything. -Thank God in ALL things. -Think about the right thing. 3. Sharing whatever He supplies.

Now for some pics...

Chinese Food place. The food was quite good. ><

Where Dana and I got our Caramel Apples at the Spectrum.

Posing and eating Caramel Apples. They were good.

Saddleback church.. The Stage. Left is like a small orchestra.
The person in the middle, in between communion table and pulpit is RICK WARREN.

Of course I had to take a photo. xD

That's just about it..
Update again soon.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sorry to those who reads this blog.. Have been really busy like a beeee.. =)
Took some time out before class to update.
Well.. This is more like a Disneyland post!
I've been to Disneyland 3 times now! and I believe many times to come..
I'm blessed to be staying 15 minutes away from this magical place.. maybe some of you might think that "once is more than enough.." or "what's so nice about Disneyland that she has to go so many times?"

But to me, Disneyland's amazing!!! I've not even finish riding all the rides in Disneyland and California Adventure yet. Have ridden on all the awesomely thrilling rides like Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Nightmare before Christmas, space mountain like many, many times. =)))) and on the roller coasters, I've even learned to pose for the picture taking.. wahahha.. xD

and another fun activity at Disneyland is to find and count how many groups of Biola students that we can find..

anyways... no pictures of me disneylanding this time.. but do check facebook for me getting tagged or something. =)
but here's a photo of my "first visit" badge, "I'm celebrating" badge for going during Dahye's birthday and *drumrolllssss*
toodles =)