Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When My Blog lays Dead...

I've been back to the States for almost 3 weeks now.
Getting over jetlag, preparing to facilitate in the Int'l student orientation, getting ready for classes...
and now.. classes have started, I'm working.. and I figured out that I probably should attempt to update this blog.
Would be really busy this semester... 20 units of classes, 6-8 hours of work, and leadership responsibilities for the International Students Assoc. really uses up a lot of my time. But.. I believe I'll survive.

orientation week. Indian dinner. the rest lining up for Pink's hotdogs. We finished dinner and they were still in-line. Everyone got their hotdogs after 1.5 hours. So you can imagine how long the line was.

surprise party for Tomoko, a freshmen from Japan but lived in Indonesia and Philippines.

Disneyland and Korean bbq was a must. But this time, we did not do that well eating. Haley, Tiff and I only managed to eat 3 of those big plates of meat that you see in the middle, and 3 plates of those marinated ones by the corner. The one covered in brown red. But that's still alot though.

anddd... best of all.. Last Sunday, we had homecooked chinese meal at Tiff's apartment. and Sheeba's indian dessert. It was Good. :D happy laura.

off to more homework. then ISA meeting at 9pm