Saturday, March 28, 2009

Biola VS APU!

I went to APU today! APU - Asuza Pacific Uni. They are tight Biola rivals. It has been really common to compete against APU. They are about 30minutes away.
So, the reason I went today was to watch a soccer game between Biola's international students and APU's. So to cut the long story short, we lost ==''' 4-3 I think. but.. here are some pictures...

The team.

Ika and I =)

Dahye, Ika, Tiff!

okiess.. homework time.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Missions Conference//Small Group

I'm back... =)
Had been really really busy for Missions Conference. So you see... I was volunteering as MC staff. and there were so much work and preparation to do. I was in charged of the Ireland booth, and I decided to bake food instead of buy them as that would be cheaper. So baking it was... till 3am!! But I had fun during Missions Conference.
So this year's theme for MC was OSME- Fragrance of the New Covenant, taken from 2Corinthians 2:14-16, 3:4-6. It is a metaphor used by Paul to describe our identity in Christ. As Christians, there will be times when some people like the aroma, and some will not. However, whenever we bring forth truths, it will be pleasing to God. This year's MC, the 3 main speakers were George Verwer from Operation Mobilization. Heard of Doulos? Logos? or Logos Hope? The ships and their floating bookstores? Anyways... yeah.. George Verwer was founder and former director of OM. Wow.. He just has his own style! During the first session, he took a bottle of water and poured it over his head, spoiling the mic that he was wearing. -.-''' wonder how much will that cost.
And then there's Marilyn Laszlo. A missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators. She was in a village in Papua New Guinea for 24 years, learning their language and translating the Bible for them. Now, the Sepik Iwam people from Hauna village are Christians who are trying to preach the word of God to people of the neighboring villages. Her testimony was amazing! God is so good. Lastly, Grant Porter, an Australian but now based in Europe spoke for 2 sessions. I do not know much about him speaking as I was on duty during his sessions. Missions Conference really helped me grow and challenged me to the calling that God has called all His people for - that is to preach and share the good news to those who has never heard of it. I might not have been called to be directly in the Missions Field, but through my career and vocation, I can also be a missionary. But if God ever calls me into the Missions Field, then yeah.. "Here I am, Lord..."
Three days of MC went by quickly. I am looking forward to next year's MC!!!! This time just as a participant, not as an organizer. =)

and at night... we went out for Japanese Ramen =)) The bowl of Ramen was SO BIG. haha.. but i finished all that was set in front of me... lololol... and then after that.. we went to this place called CUE! to take photo stickers. And these are some of what we took. Joshua is half American half Japanese, Yuto is 3/4 korean 1/4 japanese.. and Sarah, Dahye and I! *just so you know*

Then the next day, I had small group meeting, combined with another small group.. and... we went for Korean BBQ!!! yummmy.... Kalbi was sosososo good. Pfft.. Talking about it makes my mouth water. No pictures... but check for FB if I'm tagged or something if someone remembers to upload photos... and then after Korean BBQ, we went to Berry Cool which is a frozen yogurt place. BTW... all these were freeeeeeee... because it was under the small group budget. Oh.. and the BBQ was eat all you can for $10... so of cors us nine girls managed to eat around 7 dishes of meat that was around 30cm in diameter. and not forgetting the kalbi, that is marinated placed in smaller dishes.. That, we ate about 6-7 dishes too! and then all the side dishes that comes with it.. *****slurpssss***** yeah.. power of girls eating in America.. all of us Asian except for Sarah and Emma! haha.. we did welll... xD

okay.. that's all for now I guess..