Saturday, November 29, 2008

The 'anticipated' Thanksgiving~

so I said I'd blog about thanksgiving. so here it is. It's been like two days since the big feast!
Thanksgiving was goooood. =)

So this year's thanksgiving, I spent it with the Mcmillens. On that day, we went to Sarah's mother's parents house at around 12.30pm. Waited till 2pm to have lunch. So while we were waiting, we talked, played, sit around, introduced ourselves, etcetc. Then after the 'early dinner', we hung around till like 5.30pm and proceeded to Sarah's dad's parents house. =) This is house were a lot noisier than the previous house because all her cousins were around our age. while before that, her cousins were either married and therefore not there this year or really young. 13 was the oldest. But in the second house, everyone was talking on top of their voices, shouting and even screaming! haha.. and that night, we watched Wall-E who was super cute. ^^

So for the foood stuff,
there were lots of food. Turkey, ham, turkey stuffing (i don't like it), mashed potatoes and gravy, and lots lots lots more.
Deserts were even better. I had chocolate fudge, peanut brittle, mint ice cream pie, apple pie, dried apples, etcetc.. they were sooooo goood.
The highlight was pumpkin pie. but yours trully here have not acquired the taste for pumpkin.
*good la. other people can have more mah.*

So, that concludes the thanksgiving post!


okay. so.. the day after thanksgiving was Black Friday.
just by Hearing the word black friday is like super creepy this. When I first heard about this term i was like 'Wadt?'
But yeah. Black Friday's awesome! This is because a lot of malls and departmental stores open as early as 4am in the morning. and the things sold on that day is like super cheap! I heard people tell me that got people would line up at 3am just to be one of the many early birds to be able to grab good bargains. =='' So maolit ooh.
butbutbut.. being the Malaysian who have not witnessed such stuff before, along with the Korean, of course we curious la. so.....
we went shopping tooo with all the crowds. The sensible Americans whom I am staying with did not want to get drowned by the crowds. So they only dropped us off at the mall. ahhahahh..

Oh. FYI we went around 10am la. who would want to sacrifice sleep time ler?
ok. so.
Dahye and I went into the mall, and started shopping! yay!! It was really fun. the lines were so long. When I say long, you must imagine about 40people in front of you waiting to check out from the store. so yeah.
But, at the end of the whole shopping experience, Dahye and I concluded that there weren't that MANY people compared to the weekends at Midvalley Megamall or everyday in Korea. hhaah..
So we went back around 1pm *thats the time the sales end*

We were happy but tired shoppers.

Now, thats the end of my thanksgiving and post thanksgiving blogpost.

oh! oh! oh! Announcement: Laura finish crocheting her very FIRST scarve. muahahahaha..


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