Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF!!! =)

yay!! so its Friday again. Last night at this time I was rushing an assignment on Worldview Analysis due at 12.01am. I made it!! ONTIME! It was my first time ever rushing an assignment. *prays that this would not happen again* WELL... it's all because I kept putting it off. Procrastination and its TOOOOOO HARD! But.. yay! Its OVER!

So.. its been a while since I blogged. I've been busy. busy. busy.... @.@
but this afternoon, I took an 'afternoon off' to go to the Norton Simon Museum at Pasadena for another ARTS100 project. We took lotsa pictures inside the Museum this time. Posing all silly or weird. haha.. but the exhibits were really nice. this time round, Heather (Sarah's oldest sis) brought us there. Visiting an art museum with an artist --> Heather, has proved to be a more fruitful and different experience with the art works. =))))
Conclusion: Art museums are not that bad after all. The works are really very interesting. Malaysians should start to be more exposed to art works. Our mindset are too 'Scientific'. We should pay more attention to ARTS too! If not we are very ulu la...... =='''

Okay. for some pictures

Pond in The Sculpture Garden

Heather and Sarah

That's all for today! Anticipate my Thanksgiving post! Wheee~