Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dim Sum with ISA! =)

Okay.. It's amazing that I blog 2 days in a row. But sometimes exciting things just happen one after another... so.. this is another exciting post! well, it is exciting for me as you can see... its a Dim Sum post. --> FOOOOOOD!! More so.. CHINESE FOOD. Authentic ones in LA.

So, I havent ate Chinese food like forever. More so Dim Sum. But today, ISA brought the first 40 people who signed up out for Dim Sum at this place called Ten Ten (天天)Restaurant to eat Dim Sum. And we did not need to pay. =) Thank God for ISA who is so so so so so generous. Oh. in case you don't know. ISA is International Student Association.

Siu mai, ha gao, cha siu pao never tasted so good before.. hahahah.. =))))) But of cox Foo Phin ones are really good. So take note all those reading this. Bring me out for DimSum when I'm back.
Who knows when. ^^

Dim Sum!!!

Happy Dim Sum eaters. =)

The 40+ people who went for Dim Sum!

This was my exciting day! yay! Well, for me maybe. lol.
But yeah.. that's all for now!



Abby said...

0.o Dim sum there more yummy or kk one more yummy? XD

Laura said...

ermmm.. im more used to KK style la.. so KK yummy. muahahaha.. bias. =))))

XiaoWei said...

hey laura! i m here... btw, do u knw wat does ISA means in Malaysia... i think the ISA here wil nt lead u to such a food wonderland... :) anyway, nice blog...

Laura said...

ahhahaah. i think its some police thing., isit? haha.. lol.