Saturday, November 8, 2008

My 25 hours 18th Birthday =)

This is a Belated post. The following events happened on Nov 2, 2008.

So you might ask: "She doesn't know how to count. There's only 24 hours in a day! How could it be 25? But indeed, I do know how to count. The 25th hour came from the change of Daylight saving to standard time. So on Nov 2, 2a.m. the clocks turn back 1 hour. and so it became 1a.m. again. so... we got to sleep for an hour more!
Well, firstly, I Just wanna thank all of you who wished me on fb or fs. and to those who msgd me. and to those who mailed me gift. and to those who wished me through MSN or Skype. Thank you guys so much!!!!
So this was what happened on my birthday. A normal Sunday. We planned to go to Sarah's house to bake and make PINEAPPLE Tarts! That's the first time! and so we did. and we succeeded. The americans tried them for the first time. and they loved it. I think we did a pretty good job! It tasted just like Chinese New Year to me! =) *note to self: make more pineapple tarts soon*
Then around 3p.m. Sarah said we should go back to campus to get lots of homework done. No kidding you all. I still do homework on Birthdays! haha.. anyways.. so that's what we did. Then as usual, around 5.30 we went to the cafe for dinner. We stayed at the cafe for a really really really long time that particular day. We only went back to the dorm at around 6.30p.m.
To cut the long story short... When I opened my room door like I usually do, I open it to find about 10-15 people in the room! I got so freaked out. And surprised of course.
I did celebrate my 18th birthday after all.... It was amazing. Then around 7.30, after all the cake eating, doritos and chips munching, soda drinking, we went out to play 'SARDINES' all around campus. That was really fun. People hid behind tall hedges and bushes where it was like impossible to find. The last person that hid, it took me and my partner 20 minutes to find while it took everybody else who played the game around 50minutes to find. So we were hiding in the dark, behind a tall hedge against the wall for like forever..

Really wanna thank roomies, Sarah n Dana, and of course Dahye onni. who helped in this whole surprised party. *I couldn't imagine how they sneaked the cake in the laundry basket w/o me knowing*

Anyways... the whole point of this blog post is...

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