Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Kinda Weird

Since I have time to spare... why not blog?
Blogging from Incheon Airport. The last time I was here for 13 hours. today... 10. but. Dahye's bringing me out. :D
Wahhhh.. going out into the arrival hall/going up to the departure hall and being surrounded by so so so so many Koreans feels kinda cool. Cause I'm not Korean.
but... it also feels kinda weird. cause people thinks I'm Korean.. until I speak English.
like in the plane, I was sitting next to this married couple around their 30s, the air stewardess gave the uncle next to me only one declaration card. he told the air stewardess to give me one. She told him that "one family only requires one" and from my POV saw the wife who kept on shaking her head and hand. The uncle told me that they had to say that I wasn't their child or something. I thought it was funny. then she gave me the card in Korean language. and of course the kind uncle had to call her back and tell her that I wasn't Korean. NEED ENGLISH. not nice. no special non-korean treatment. eeek.

the airport already so busy even early in the morning. I arrived at 6am. now only 7.30am.

aiksss. better stop now. do other things first.

Laura in Korea.


Arnan Koh said...

sound comical... what a POV??

hope you like Korea....

Laura said...

point of view?