Thursday, April 16, 2009

USS Midway. Train Rides. Hike


all in a day!
back from San Diego!
tired... but all satisfied.

Dana and I got up around 6.30am. then rode the train to San Diego.. arrived at 10+a.m. took us about 1.5-2 hours. Then walked to the Midway.. it is a retired US marine navy ship.. pretty exciting =) and interesting ^^

train tickets.

first Midway pic. on upper deck.



smiley face.

Then met up with Cassie. went to In-n-out burgers. <-- Best burger place EVER. only in CA xD then went to Cassie's house. went for a short hike.

walk walk walk.

arrived at waterfall.

Then went and catch our train back... BUT..... traffic jam.. So we arrived at the station at 4.48pm. Train left 4.45pm.. Then there was another train line. But by the time we got to the counter, the train left at 4.53pm. ㅠㅠ Missed TWO trains in one go. So no choice. Next train at 6.45pm. So go lepak in another fast food restaurant... and yeah. dinner. there's no meat patty. Instead, they serve slices of roast beef in your burger. yummm..

Dana at Arby's

heee... that's me!

Then... at last... boarded the train. *all smiles* and there were several military guys on board.. wuaahhahaha.. some of them were cute with bald head. yeahyeahhhh.. xD and now I'm back at Trabuco. blogging about my day. =)


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