Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yet another Adventure....

It's 12.21a.m now.
I just came back into the dorm from a fire evacuation.
apparently someone burnt their toast. and the alarm went off.
I bet that person must be feeling so bad now. poor kid. whoever he or she is...
At least I wasn't asleep yet. Or else.... *you don't wanna know*
But, come to think of it... what if a real fire took place? or earthquake? I realized that no one took this seriously *although it's just burnt toast* grumbling and groaning, disturbed from their sleep.
but yeah.. I learnt something from tonight's fire alarm... =)
And yes.. time to go to bed.


1 comment:

Sam Vun said...

haha.. I wish we would have a fire drill at school.. but not at 12am lol.. haha..