Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break Adventure

Updated Photos...

I know right? Never ending adventures...
muahahha.. jkjk..
But It's Spring Break!!
Just some quick updates...
I'm down at Dana's house for Spring Break.
And.. on Monday, we went to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library for a history assignment.
It was pretty interesting. Seeing all the presidential souvenirs, helicopter, birthplace, etcetc... *refer to facebook for pics. Will try uploading photos when I get back to the dorm. Forgot to bring cable*

that's Mr. Richard Nixon.

sent people into the moon.

Portion of the Berlin Wall.

Mao Tze-Tung and Mr. Nixon.

His birthplace. Ori. The white color house.

Mr. and Mrs. Nixon's grave.

The Helicopter Mr. Nixon left in.
(we got to go in btw)

Home sweet home.


THen... then... Then...
today Dana and I don't know where to go or what to do..
So we decided to just hop into the car and drive around. Then yours truly came up with the idea to drive according to 'directions' to 'destinations' to take pictures... heeeee..
eg. 15 traffic lights, turn right, pull over. or 3 lights, turn right, 5 lights left, pull over. *geddit?*
And that's what we did. So we took pictures at parks, on the 'island' in the middle of the roads in a housing area, in front of a brick office building, etc..

stop 3.

stop 4.

And guess what? We found our way to the beach!!! Dana point <-- Name of the whole area/ harbor... *cheers* wuahahhaha... Got down for lunch. =) fish and chips and clam chowder. So big portion oh. We shared also can't finish oh. *Bet some of you are thinking that Laura is always associated with FOOD. I don't deny it* whahahhahaha.. LUNCH.

Anyways... after food, we SS la of cors. But hor.. So COLD oh.. the wind was so strong!!! So quickly run into the car then drive off to another spot and get down and SS again. This is all along the beach.. =D


It was Coldd~ The wind was Strong.

Long time didn't SS liao. SO... instead of snapping other people's photos, snap self first la..

At last, we decided to find our way back home. Just so you know.. we were kinda lost. Not very lost. But kinda.. Imagine how many streets we've turned, how many cities we've passed to get from home to the beach. So we decided to get on the freeway north... and as Brilliant as we are.... WE GOT HOME!!! SAFELY!!!!

Moral of the story is....
Laura had fun yet again in the United States. :p

*San Diego tomorrow*


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