Saturday, April 10, 2010

some procrastination... ;]

The past two days for me has been cooking, homeworking, nail arting, sleeping, and eating....
But two nights ago, at around 10pm-ish... Tiff, Paul, and I, with nothing to do, decided to walk to the grocery store 20minutes away to get ice cream... On the way there, we found a shopping cart by the sidewalk. And okay. I'm pretty predictable.


it was scary cause on the way there were 3 police cars chasing somebody

tiff was running waayyyyy in front just to get a picture.

and of course we got to the store

Long story short. we got our Haagen-Dazs Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Ice Cream which was uh-may-zing!!!

and now... I should probably get back to doing some more homework. =)

oh spring break!

Love, Laura

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Sam Vun said...

And did I get any ice cream?