Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick Update!

I've been a bum. not blogging. but not exactly a bad thing... since I'm blogging now...
Have been super busy since school started. But it's Spring Break now! :D
Lots of things have been going on.. But most recently, I went on an adventure downtown LA... went to Little Tokyo, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, found the Grand Central Market, and the Angel's Flight, and we did all these by Public Transportation which was amazing cause EVERYBODY DRIVES IN LA! :/

at a super super BIG Catholic Cathedral
Walt Disney Concert Hall

more pictures uploaded on facebook. :)

oh... and yesterday my friend and I baked egg tarts!!! omy~ now i can have eggtarts whenever I want. yummmyummm. :))))

Cross my fingers I'll be going out to play again at a theme park! Hopefully we are able to make it... and if I do, hopefully there'll be pictures uploaded on facebook and some more updates here :p

Should probably update more often. :S


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Sam Vun said...

yes.. you should update more often!