Friday, December 26, 2008

Travel to Northern Ireland && Christmas

wow.. it has been quite some time since I blogged.
First of all, Merry Christmas and happy new year 2009!!
so I'm now in Northern Ireland with my aunt and her family. =)))

Okay. so I flew from LAX to Chicago. and at Chicago get a connecting flight to Dublin. But, at Chicago, my flight got canceled due to some engine problem. And it was 12am when I got rescheduled for a flight the next day and received my coupons to stay at Hyatt hotel and money for food. anyways..
So that night was my first encounter with snow. It was freezing. But beautiful view.

view from hotel window

Next day, I made my way to the airport, was really excited with the thought that 'at last I'm flying out of Chicago!!!' and the time came for the plane to take off. BUtttttttt.. while taxiing, our plane's (an airbus) right wing crashed into a small plane's tail!!! it was so dramatic. But I did not even bother to take photos. I was too tired, having been in the airport for 8 hours already. and we had our plane's wing checked and stuff, and the engineers decided that it was too dangerous although it was the tip of the wing. So, my second flight got cancelled. ='(((((

Talk about having 2 flights canceled not because of the bad weather (it was snowing and windy) but because of technical problem 2 nights in a row. =='' sounds ridiculous, but it sure did happen.

But. all is well now. I got on my third flight the next evening. and now here I am at Northern Ireland.

Christmas was pretty sweet. Everyone got up at 7.30am to open presents. Got lotsa presents!! =)) really awesome! and then at 10.30am, we were at church for Christmas service. and then to my cousins grandparents house for lunch. a.k.a Dinner to them. *apparently big meals are dinners* Opened more pressies, and popped crackers, and went for a walk. It was good. and I passed out as in went to sleep while everyone talked. haha.. just like after thanksgiving meal. =))

7.30am presents opening ceremony. >< Foood.


Countryside. =)


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