Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Night Fun~

Finals are next weeek!!
But Christmas is coming soon tooo! So there are like many events happening.
Tonight I had my own floor - The Beat White Elephant + Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.
White Elephant is the give exchange game. it is fun!!
After that, we went to Hart Hall at lower campus to join in the fun at Deck the Havens.
Deck the Haven is an event organized by the first floor on Hart hall - Haven, a boys floor, where they decorated their rooms and the hallway with lotsa lights and creative stuff. and each room had a theme. There was a polar express room, a room showing the movie White Christmas, Starbucks room, Mistletoe room, etcetc. and there was Santa! xD
It was really fun and exciting! My first Deck the Havens. everyone who went in were given a Ballot to be filled in. There are 4 categories:-
1. Best light display
2. Most hospitable room
3. Best room theme
4. Most sexually Suggestive Room *okay. I know this is ==''' *

Well, I did not remember the room numbers and so no vote from me.

And now... I'm back in my room. and for some photos.

Haven Hall Entrance..

Sarah and the Beatles


The Polar Express Room

Oh.. and I had some fun photoshooting time this afternoon with Joshua and Yuto and Dahye and Sarah!!
Photos are on facebook. Go check it out people! xD

Merry Christmas!!


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Sam Vun said...

nice pics =) what did the most sexually suggestive room look like?