Sunday, January 3, 2010

I went to the San Diego Zoo...

Went to the World Famous San Diego zoo yesterday!
My first time there!
The Zoo was ginormous!!!
It was an amazing visit to the zoo.. Felt exceptionally proud when the information of the animals showed that the animal was found in Malaysia/South East Asia. :D <-- Country pride bahhh... Saw orangutans :) they've traveled a long way. o.O To think that I've seen close up orangutans so many times. Seeing them at the SanDiego zoo just felt different. haha.. The animals were really really cute and beautiful!
*Note that these are only few of the many animals that were in the zoo

Gorillas Tiger
*edit: dedicate this panda to AhBoo*Polar Bear. He was really dirty.The sleeping one. Look at his paw. LionJumbo <3Camels
Beautiful Snow LeopardChinese Leopard


Manda's Life said...

Laura, got panda oooooooo.... xD

Laura said...

i know ah boooo =))) SO CUTE oh the pandas. <3<3

Manda's Life said...

yier.. i want panda
i want panda
i want panda!!!!
Instead my bed got 3 panda!!! :P hahaha